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What are the pathological tissue devices included
July 27,2022.
The diagnostic equipment commonly used in pathology department are light microscope, dehydrator, embedding machine, dyeing machine, marking machine. The most important equipment is the light microscope. The diagnosis was made by examining pathological sections under a light microscope. After observation of immunohistochemical sections under the microscope, it was judged that more equipment in pathology department was used in the process of making pathological sections, such as tissue dehydrator. In order to meet the needs of production, the dehydrator removes the water in the tissue and creates conditions for subsequent dyeing. Another example is the embedding machine, whose main function is to put the collected tissue blocks in paraffin wax to make paraffin blocks, so as to meet the needs of subsequent tissue sections. The main function of the microtome is to cut the embedded paraffin blocks into 4 micron to 5 micron slices and paste them on glass slices, also known as slides. Put it on a glass sheet, stain it and look at it under a microscope. Most of the original staining was done by hand, but now there are automatic staining machines, which can reduce the burden of pathological technicians. A number-marking machine is used to give pathological numbers to patients, which are printed on glass sections and paraffin embedded blocks to distinguish different patients. Ihc laboratories and molecular pathology laboratories require more equipment, such as automatic IHC staining machines, in situ hybridization machines, gene sequencers, and so on.

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