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  • Roundfin Pathology wax block cassettes cabinet
    cassettes  cabinet

    Pathology cassettes  cabinet , 515*480*360 mm . capacity : 3750 pcs 

  • Microtome clamp for wax block
    Microtome clamp for wax block Suppliers

    microtome clamp for wax block 

  • RD-495 Wax Microtome Rotary microtome
    Manual Tissue Paraffin/Wax Microtome Rotary microtome; RD-495

    RD-495 microtome is an rotary microtome , which is samily as the LEICA 2235 .

  • Laboratory pathology equipment paraffin and wax block trimmer
    medical pathology instrument

    Laboratory pathology equipment paraffin and wax block trimmer

  • Medical equipment stair stretcher hospital ambulance wheel chair
    emergency foldable stretcher

    Stair stretcher Using aluminum alloy material, the structure is light and flexible.Light weight, small volume, easy to carry, safe to use, easy to clean and disinfect.The other material is to use the cloth cover of Oxford cloth

  • Medical Ambulance Emergency Plastic Scoop Stretcher
    X-ray scoop stretcher

    Feature: The foldabel strethche made of high strengh engineering plastics, with clutch devices at both ends, so that the stretcher can be separated into left and right parts. Without moving the patient, the stretcher can be quickly shoveled in or pulled out from the patient's body. The grooves at the head are suitable for keeping the patient's spine arranged. The length of stretcher can be adjusted at will. Thermal material will not make the patient feel too hot or too cold, the surface is easy to clean, can prevent liquid infiltration, can penetrate X-ray.

  • Roundfin RD-80 tissue water bath
    Tissue Slide water bath Pathology lab histology section tissue floating bath

    What is flotation bath? Flotation baths are baths that are designed to prevent wrinkling and distortion during preparation of paraffin-embedded tissue sections. Incubations can be performed over a range of temperatures. Accessories for the baths are available. Can ship to all countries

  • Roundfin RD-907L Grossing Station
    Pathology grossing workstations

    Model RD-907L working station, national regulated 1st class medical equipment, design for pathology working ,hospitals, laboratories, crematorium to storage corpses . All body made of high quality stainless steel 304 ,suitable for low temperature environments .

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