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Automatic Vacuum Tissue Processor RD-800

Stainless steel high quality Automatic Vacuum Tissue Processor

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  • RD-800
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Automatic Vacuum Tissue Processor:

It with three capacities:

RD-800-100: Capacity:3.8L: 100PCS Tissues;

RD-800-200: Capacity: 5.3L: 200PCS Tissues;

RD-800-200: Capacity: 6.8L: 300PCS Tissues;

Automatic vacuum tissue processor

tissue processor open door with watching


1.  While staying in working situation, it is keeping in vacuum condition. It can avoid the reagent volatilization and waste, 

   it decrease the cost of operation, and keep the work environment.

2.   While processing the tissue, it stays at vacuum condition. While change the reagent, but the bottle needn’t change. 

 So to avoid the tissue be destroyed. No any risk while the main power cut off.

3.   The crust material uses the stainless steel. There model (3.8L/5.3L/6.8L) can choose.

4.   Adopt large LCD intelligent display, friendly interface, can know the working situation clearly.

5.   It can set the start time automatically within one month.

6.   While the tissue processing finished, it has alarm to remind customer.

7.   It have 8 sets program, can offer customer choosing.

8.   it have overheating protection.

9.   It can remember the steps while the main power cut off. After the power comes back, 

  it will go on running at the failure step.

10.   Three models can choose, can processing 100, 200, or 300 tissues at same time separately.


Technical data:

--Bottle capacity: 2.3L/3.2L

--Reagent bottle: 9pcs   Cleaning bottle: 3pcs   Paraffin tank: 3pcs

--Retort capacity: 3.8L/5.3L/6.8L

--Reagent temp.: 30 to 70°C

-- Paraffin tank Temp.: From ambient to 80°C

--Dipping time: 0—99H59M

-- Mixing time: 1 minute

--Mixing interval time: 10 minutes

--Run mode: manual or auto

 --Nominal voltage: AC220V   

--Nominal frequency:  50HZ

--Nominal power: 1500 VA

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