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    Roundfin RD-2260 fast freezing cryostat microtome

    Roundfin is a leader in histopathology equipment industry in China, exporting to more than 110 countries worldwide Can ship to all countries

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    Product: Two sissors morgue corpses transfer lifting cart Model No.: RD-1531. Description: Hydraulic Mortuary Body Lifter Material: Stainless steel 304 for all the material.     Performance: ---Lifting the height by electric from 500mm to 1800mm adjustable. ---It is the model with 2 sisors lifter. --The body tray is the separate one, and the body tray with 4 pcs wheels.

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    Roundfin RD-315 ultrathin microtome

    Product Description RD-315 Manual Rotary Microtome is a new-generation microtome specially developed for modern histology.This model is equipped with imported roller guide rails and high-precision roller screws.  This is an ideal device for use in histology due to its ergonomic design, compact structure, high precision, and stable and reliable performance. Feature ●The specimen retraction protects the specimen and make the section more precise. ●The red protection guard is to cover the cutting edge when the blade is inserted into the blade holder. ●Changeable specimen clamp system. ●For the optimal position of the blade for sectioning the angle of the cutting facet of the blade can be adjusted by moving the blade holder. ●Collects the sectioning wastage and can be dismounted easily for cleaning purposes.   ●Right operation hand-wheel can be locked at any position, providing maximum safety and convenience. Specification Section thickness range Setting values  0- 60μm From 0-2μm in 0.5μm -increments From 2-10μm in 1μm-increments From 10-20μm in 2μm-increments From 20-60μm in 5μm-increments  Horizontal specimen stroke  28 mm  Vertical specimen stroke  60mm  Precision error  ±5%  Sample orientation  8*along the X-Y-axis, rotable 360°  Maximum section size  50 x 45mm  Dimensions incl. tray  (L/T/H) 300mm (L) X570mm (W) X270mm (H)  Net weight  30KG

Pathology Equipment

Roundfin RD-98 Tissue embedding working station Suppliers

Roundfin RD-98 Tissue embedding working station

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  • RD-98
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Product Description





1.LED touching screen allows user to see all temperatures without scrolling, intuitive control panel.

2. Adjustable Paraffin Flow Rate.

3.Fully programmable ON/OF control allows automatic system start and stop anytime.

4.Two heated trays provide a pre-warming.

5. Low-voltage, safe and bright LED lamp, and allows for comfortable processing of specimens.

6.Large well drained mould oven,8 holes can easy to open drainage trays under all work areas.

7.Heated holder for 4 forceps.

8.Trimming plates at both sides for convenient tissue block trimming.

9.This model embedding center is incorporates two separate components,heated workspace and 

   cooling plate.The independent unit offer the fiexibility to ensure embedding work flow in either direction

   to suit the user's needs.

10. Seven working areas, including Paraffin Chamber, Paraffin Dispenser, left and right Thermal 

      Storage Compartments, heating plate (working plate), small Cooling Plate, and Cryo Module

      are individually controlled and work independently without interference by each other.

11. Small Cooling Plate,individually freezing temperature controlled.

12.Three temperature control protection:computer automatic temperature control,temperature

    controller monitoring and safe wax melting temperature with a temperature setting range of

    0°Cto 75° C;

13. Manual dispensing lever and foot switch


---Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ

---Maximum power draw: 1500VA

---Working temperature: From ambient to 99 centigrade

---Increments: 1 centigrade.

---Capacity: Paraffin reservoir: 6.0L

---Cassetes/molds tray: 1.4L

---Dimensions: (W*D*H) 600mm * 650mm * 450mm

---Weight: 40kg

Cryo Console:

---Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50HZor110V/60HZ

---Maximum power draw: 100VA

---Working temperature: From ambient to –20 centigrade

---Increments 1 centigrade

---Dimensions: (W*D*H) 410mm * 660mm * 450mm

---Weight: 26k

Thermal Console:

---Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50HZor110V/60HZ

---Maximum power draw: 400VA

--Working temperature: From ambient to 100 centigrade, Increments 1 centigrade

---Capacity: 2.5L

---Dimensions: (W*D*H) 600mm * 650mm * 450mm

---Weight: 14kg


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