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Rotary Tissue Paraffin Microtome manual microtome hand section microtome RD-495

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Rotary Tissue Paraffin Microtome hand section microtome :

Model Number: RD-495;







Rotary Tissue  Microtome ; hand section microtome; manual microtome :

Model Number: RD-495;

  Specification list:

----Section thickness range:  0~60 μm
----Section thickness setting :
       0~20 μm, 1 μm increment
       20~60 μm, 5 μm increments
 ----Trimming thickness :   15 μm and 35 μm
-----Specimen retraction :   90 μm
----Specimen vertical stroke :   70 mm
----Specimen horizontally stroke    30 mm
----Max. specimen size cassettes clamp (WXH)  :  60*50 mm
----Dimensions (W×D×H) :   570×550×300 mm
----Weight : 33 kg


01: Specimen orientation system
The absolute precise position of the specimen ensures the orientation system. Move the specimen holder with the vertical and horizontal orientation knob to its desired position.
02: Clearance Angle
For the optimal position of the blade for sectioning the angle of the cutting facet of the blade can be adjusted by moving the blade holder.

03: Specimen retraction function
The specimen retraction protects the specimen and the blade from possible damage during the upwards movement. When the object after sectioning performs the return movement (upwards), it automatically moves back and before the next sectioning stroke, the object moves to its correct position.

04:Protection guard
The red protection guard is to cover the cutting edge when the blade is inserted into the blade holder.
05: Hand wheel lock
With the conveniently integrated locking lever on the hand wheel the rotation of the wheel can be locked at the 12 o’clock position. It is designed for one thumb-use. The locking lever under the hand wheel locks the movement at any position.

06: Adjusting section thickness
Turning the section thickness adjusting knob the section thickness is adjusted. The scale on the displaying window indicates the thickness. The red pointer indicates the thickness while turning the adjusting knob.
07:Specimen holder
Changing of specimen works quick and easy. The sample can be placed horizontally or vertically into the specimen holder.
08: Coarse driving wheel
To adjust the distance between the blade and the specimen.

09:Waste tray

Collects the sectioning wastage and can be dismounted easily for cleaning purposes.


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