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Pathology Equipment

Tissue flotation water bath with big capacity; XH-1003

Pathology instruments Tissue flotation water bath with big capacity

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Pathology instruments Tissue flotation water bath with big capacity

Model Number: XH-1003

   tissue floatation water bath


----This instrument has been developed using microprocessor control and Modular Design that has improved its reliability and precision, and it will be reliable for your lab.

----Easy to read LED displays that can show both the actual water temperature and the set temperature. The tissue floating bath is equipped with a simple touch controller for easier operation.

----Using microprocessor technology, the maximum operating temperature is 70 ℃, ±1℃. A new and improved water bath temperature probe can be “flipped” into place to use. Probe is corrosion-resistant and stainless.  The probe also has a built-in the thermostat sensor inside for more precise temperature control. The probe is connected to a cut-off switch which is monitored by the temperature control system and can also prevent the unit from drying out. Added safety features of the probe turn off when you lift the probe, and it can be restarted after you reposition the probe back into water.

----The glass tray is transparent for maximum light contrast. The durable glass tray is chemical resistant, and the built-in high-brightness LED lamp has a separate “ON/OFF” switch from the temperature control panel. After you turn on the light, you will discover clear specimen that are contrasted with the black background.


----Outside Size: 13cm (L) x 33cm (W) x 145cm (H)
----Voltage: AC 230V / 50Hz; AC 120V / 60Hz
----Power: 450W
----Temperature: Room temp. + 5℃ - 70℃
----Precision: 0.1℃
----Default temperature setting: 65℃
----Net Weight: 8.5Kg
----Recommended Working Environment: 10-35℃
----Relative Humidity: 〈 80%

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