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Vaccine Refrigerator(2-8 °C)

lab refrigerator

New product laboratory Vaccine refrigerator 130L,280L,390L,450L

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  • YY-130 /YY-280 /YY-3
  • Any port in China
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One Glass door : 130L /280L/390L/450L

 Item No  Description of Good   Temperature  Capacity  Layers   Size (mm)   Weight Voltage   Input Power
 YYW-130  Laboratory storage fridge  2 ℃~8 ℃ 130L  500*500*1260  50 KG   220V/50Hz 150W
 YYW-280  Laboratory storage fridge  2 ℃~8 ℃ 280L  5  600*600*1670  75 KG  220V/50Hz  250W
 YYW-390  Laboratory storage fridge  2 ℃~8 ℃ 390L  600*600*1945  100 KG   220V/50Hz  300W
 YYW-450   Laboratory storage fridge  2 ℃~8℃ 450L 5  630*700*1960  125 KG   220V/50Hz  350W

2. Detailed picture:

3.  Reliability and Key Features 

  • High efficiency specialty compressor with known field reliability
  • Permanently lubricated cooling fan for safety and longevity
  • Forced-air cooling with optimized air distribution system designed to achieve maximum temperature uniformity and stability
  • Optimized refrigeration system design for more effective cooling and speedy recovery
  • Temperature variation within ± 3 ℃
  • Adjustable temperature range 2~8 ℃
  • Microprocessor control , digital display . and temperature adjustment with an increment of 0.1 ℃
  • Large digital display screen
  • Wide voltage tolerance suitable for unstable voltage supply
  • Designed for ambient temperature 10-32 ℃ with humidity below 75 % .


4. Safety


  • Equipped with complete temperature alarm system featuring buzzer and visible flashing light
  • Capable of alerting failures due to high and low temperature , sensor error , door ajar , remote alarm , power failure and low battery .

5.Ergonomic Design .


  • Optimized space utilization design with multi-level and adjustable shelf height to accommodate storage requirement of pharmaceutical products of various kinds
  • Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access
  • Caster design and leveling legs
  • Interior light

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