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    paraffin manual microtome ; model No.:RD-485 ROUNDFIN Paraffin microtome High precision and stable movement design. Will bring the user the more comfortable operating experience.ROUNDFIN has always been committed to the pathology industry, will bring more quality products. This is Roundfin brand RD-485 Semi-auto Microtome. We specialized in doing pathology range products for over 10 years.This is our new generation and honor model,here highly recommend to you! The microtome can be divided into 3 parts, touch screen, hand wheel and knife holder, now let us show more details for you. This device is a new upgrade model, equipped with a touching screen, you can clearly see the set parameters, it is also very simple,easy for the operator. The screen is 3 pages in total,Shows : section and trimming thickness Fast forward speed, fast backward speed, slow forward value, slow backward value , can set freely in according to the operator Specimen clamp orientation system, X/Y to 8 degree. With standard embedding cassette clamp. The second part is the display of the handwheel,it with double protection system for Hand-wheel and-wheel balance is precisely adjusted and can be locked at any position to ensure safety of operation. You can see is very easy to operate. The third part is the blade holder. This is a very important part of the microtome and its accuracy directly determines the section effect. Microtome blade holder can adjustable from 0-10 degree. Blade holder with red bar cover to protect user when changing the blade Top parts can move at any position. The knife holder indicates that a special anti-static and non-stick wax process is used to solve the trouble of sticky wax,easy to observe the effect of section More specification details we will show you later,don’t miss! Large volume waste tray is easy to remove and clean Roundfin RD-485 semi-auto Microtome,you deserve to have.

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    Roundfin is a leader in histopathology equipment industry in China, exporting to more than 110 countries worldwide Can ship to all countries

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    Roundfin adjustable laboratory microtome autocut knife blade clamp holder

    Microtome disposable blade holder in low-profile blade for Leica brand microtome It suitable for Leica brand microtome 2155; 2135

Tissue Embedding Center

Easy to Operate Histology Products Tissue embedding working station

Histology Products Tissue embedding working station

  • China
  • RD-98
  • Shanghai or Dalian
  • Cream And White
  • 10-15 days after we confirm the order
  • T/T; L/C; Paypal; Western Union

Histology Products Tissue embedding working station with cold plate with capacity 6L

Model Number: RD-98


For a long time excellent quality, performance, safety and reliability and ahead of other similar products.

0.1- Use OLED screen which is energy-saving, good and clear vision from any angle .

0.2- Adopt advanced heating techonology and PID temperature controlling procedures. Embedding center has left and right thermal chambers, 

hot plate, forcep wells, dispenser,  cryo-plate. The temperatures for these 6 parts are controlled separately.Adjustable gravity-feed paraffin dispenser.

0.3-The tissue embedding cassettes and base molds trays are removable and can be set at different temperatures.

The setting knobs allow to adjust the precise paraffin flow.

Tissue embedding machine Feature:

1.LED touching screen allows user to see all temperatures without scrolling, intuitive control panel.
2. Adjustable Paraffin Flow Rate.
3.Fully programmable ON/OF control allows automatic system start and stop anytime.
4.Two heated trays provide a pre-warming.
5. Low-voltage, safe and bright LED lamp, and allows for comfortable processing of specimens.
6.Large well drained mould oven,8 holes can easy to open drainage trays under all work areas.
7.Heated holder for 4 forceps.
8.Trimming plates at both sides for convenient tissue block trimming.
9.This model embedding center is incorporates two separate components,heated workspace and cooling plate.The independent unit offer the fiexibility to ensure embedding work flow in either direction to suit the user's needs.
10. Seven working areas, including Paraffin Chamber, Paraffin Dispenser, left and right Thermal
Storage Compartments, heating plate (working plate), small Cooling Plate, and Cryo Module
are individually controlled and work independently without interference by each other.
11. Small Cooling Plate,individually freezing temperature controlled.
12.Three temperature control protection:computer automatic temperature control,temperaturecontroller monitoring and safe wax melting temperature with a temperature setting range of0°Cto 75° C;
13. Manual dispensing lever and foot switch

Technical Specification :

---Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50HZ or 110V/60HZ

---Maximum power draw: 1500VA

---Working temperature: From ambient to 99 centigrade

---Increments: 1 centigrade.

---Capacity: Paraffin reservoir: 6.0L

---Cassetes/molds tray: 1.4L

---Dimensions: (W*D*H) 600mm * 650mm * 450mm

---Weight: 40kg

Cryo Console:

---Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50HZor110V/60HZ

---Maximum power draw: 100VA

---Working temperature: From ambient to –20 centigrade

---Increments 1 centigrade

---Dimensions: (W*D*H) 410mm * 660mm * 450mm

---Weight: 26k

Thermal Console:

---Nominal supply voltage: 220V/50HZor110V/60HZ

---Maximum power draw: 400VA

--Working temperature: From ambient to 100 centigrade, Increments 1 centigrade

---Capacity: 2.5L

---Dimensions: (W*D*H) 600mm * 650mm * 450mm

---Weight: 14kg


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    Product Description DAKEWE HP300 tissue dehydrator with its stable performance, intelligent management, convenient operation is widely used in the pathological laboratory of major institutions in the world, can dehydrate human body, animal and other tissue specimens, for more pathologists to bring excellent work experience. Double self-check before startup and program operation to ensure the smooth progress of dehydration program; Innovative fluid control system to reduce the adhesion of impurities (fat or paraffin), reducing the risk of pipe or valve hole clogging; Five-weight liquid level insurance to ensure that tissue specimens are fully soaked; Reagent quality control function multi-dimensional monitoring reagent status, remind to replace reagent; Reagent rotation intelligent identification, reduce manual operation; Rehydration function, so that the sample is completely soaked; Second waxing before cleaning procedure to save cleaning reagents; Friendly man-machine interface, easy to learn; Integrated marble table design, good heat insulation effect and easy to clean; Electronic switch cover, not only labor saving and anti-loose and misopening design, ensure sufficient pressure, protect personnel and sample safety. Feature   1.12.1 inch color LCD touch screen, easy to operate. The display has three adjustable viewing angles to meet the needs of different users. 2.The integrated marble countertop design is convenient and clean, and the heat from the processing cylinder is effectively isolated. Cylinder head heating function, not easy to stick with reagents and paraffin wax, to increase the sealing of the organization cylinder. 3.Innovative electronic lock design electronic switch cover, not only labor saving and anti-loose and misopening design, ensure sufficient pressure, protect personnel and sample safety. 4.Reagent quality control function can set threshold values for the number of embedded boxes, reagent use times and days, multi-dimensional monitoring of reagent status, reminding to replace reagents. 5.Real-time monitoring of equipment operation and reagent use, and statistical analysis of data. Specification  Type  Biochemical Analysis System  Supply voltage and frequency  100-1 20VAC,60Hz or 220-240VAC,50Hz100-1 20 VAC,60 Hz或220-240 VAC,50 Hz  Power consumption  1 200 VA  operating temperature range  +10°C to + 40°C  Temperature(paraffin)  50°C-65℃  Capacity  Up to 300 cassettes  Temperature(dehydration reagent)|  Ambient temperature to 65°C  Temperature(rinse reagent)  60°C for alcohol; 65°C for xylene  Weight,unpacked/packed  Approx.180Kg/Approx.240Kg                  

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