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hot products
  • paraffin microtome
    Roundfin RD-485 Laboratory microtome pathology microtome

    paraffin manual microtome ; model No.:RD-485 ROUNDFIN Paraffin microtome High precision and stable movement design. Will bring the user the more comfortable operating experience.ROUNDFIN has always been committed to the pathology industry, will bring more quality products. This is Roundfin brand RD-485 Semi-auto Microtome. We specialized in doing pathology range products for over 10 years.This is our new generation and honor model,here highly recommend to you! The microtome can be divided into 3 parts, touch screen, hand wheel and knife holder, now let us show more details for you. This device is a new upgrade model, equipped with a touching screen, you can clearly see the set parameters, it is also very simple,easy for the operator. The screen is 3 pages in total,Shows : section and trimming thickness Fast forward speed, fast backward speed, slow forward value, slow backward value , can set freely in according to the operator Specimen clamp orientation system, X/Y to 8 degree. With standard embedding cassette clamp. The second part is the display of the handwheel,it with double protection system for Hand-wheel and-wheel balance is precisely adjusted and can be locked at any position to ensure safety of operation. You can see is very easy to operate. The third part is the blade holder. This is a very important part of the microtome and its accuracy directly determines the section effect. Microtome blade holder can adjustable from 0-10 degree. Blade holder with red bar cover to protect user when changing the blade Top parts can move at any position. The knife holder indicates that a special anti-static and non-stick wax process is used to solve the trouble of sticky wax,easy to observe the effect of section More specification details we will show you later,don’t miss! Large volume waste tray is easy to remove and clean Roundfin RD-485 semi-auto Microtome,you deserve to have.

  • cryostat microtome
    Roundfin RD-2260 fast freezing cryostat microtome

    Roundfin is a leader in histopathology equipment industry in China, exporting to more than 110 countries worldwide Can ship to all countries

  • mortuary lift trolley
    Roundfin RD-1531 Mortuary Transport Trolley

    Product: Two sissors morgue corpses transfer lifting cart Model No.: RD-1531. Description: Hydraulic Mortuary Body Lifter Material: Stainless steel 304 for all the material.     Performance: ---Lifting the height by electric from 500mm to 1800mm adjustable. ---It is the model with 2 sisors lifter. --The body tray is the separate one, and the body tray with 4 pcs wheels.

  • Roundfin adjustable laboratory microtome autocut knife blade clamp holder with  Long Service Life
    Roundfin adjustable laboratory microtome autocut knife blade clamp holder

    Microtome disposable blade holder in low-profile blade for Leica brand microtome It suitable for Leica brand microtome 2155; 2135

Emergency products

  • Easy carry stretcher soft stretcher patient transport stretchers
    soft stretcher

    soft stretcher is a patient lifting device developed to provide safe and comfortable movement of patients while reducing the risk of back injuries to EMS personnel.

  • Economic stretcher cart rescue stretcher
    foldable stretcher

    Made of high-strength aluminum alloy material and oxford leather stretcher surface, it is light in weight, small in size, easy to carry, safe to use, etc. It is suitable for transporting casualties in sports fields, hospitals, ambulances and troops.

  • Helicopter Rescue Basket Air Ambulance Foldaway Stretcher
    basket stretcher

    The structure of this stretcher focuses on the breadth of first aid, flexibility and particularity, such as air or sea rescue

  • Medical Ambulance Emergency Plastic Scoop Stretcher
    X-ray scoop stretcher

    Feature: The foldabel strethche made of high strengh engineering plastics, with clutch devices at both ends, so that the stretcher can be separated into left and right parts. Without moving the patient, the stretcher can be quickly shoveled in or pulled out from the patient's body. The grooves at the head are suitable for keeping the patient's spine arranged. The length of stretcher can be adjusted at will. Thermal material will not make the patient feel too hot or too cold, the surface is easy to clean, can prevent liquid infiltration, can penetrate X-ray.

  • First aid products medical stretcher scoop stretcher with low price
    Scoop stretcher

    It is quite firm and light, easy to clean and operate. It is the ideal product not only to the patients but also to the operators.

  • Hospital emergency stretcher trolley price
    emergency stretcher

    1.Two ends are equipped with telescopic handles for easy lifting of the stretcher. With a low frame structure, it can be moved on the ground. It can be lifted up and can be equipped with an infusion stand. 2. which made of high-strength aluminum alloy thick-wall pipes,The bed surface is made of foamed cushion and the adjustable back making the wounded feel comfortable

  • hospital patient transfer stretcher trolley
    emergency stretcher

    The product made of high quality aluminum,with foam mattress,smart,safe and reliable.

  • First aid stretcher Aluminum emergency canvas rescue folding chair stretcher
    Foldable  stretcher

    1.The product is made of high quality aluminum alloy material, with the foam mattress, light weight, safe and reliable. 2.By controlling right side handles,it can be folded into the chair,and the back can be adjustable. 3.With the fixture,can lock the stretcher after inside the ambulance.

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