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Blood Bank Refrigerator (4 °C)

Blood bank refrigerator

Blood bank refrigerator 650L / 950L

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  • XY-650 / XY-950
  • Any port in China
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Double Glass Door  :  650L /950L

 Item No

 Description of Good 







Input Power 


 Blood bank refrigerator  

4 ℃




 150 KG




 Blood bank refrigerator 

4 ℃




220 KG



2. Reliablity

  • Microprocessor controlled forced-air cooling with electrical heat compensation system
  • Digital temperature display for upper and lower sections in Chamber with 0.1℃ resolution


3.Key Features .

  • Consistent cabinet temperature 4 ±1℃
  • High-tech intergrated sensors to display and control temperature .
  • Standard temperature recorder ( optional  )
  • Auto-defrost to remove moisture on cooling surface
  • large digital display for ease of observation



  • Dual Dispaly of operational parameter temperature recorder display
  • Bulit -in backup battery to dispaly temperature and to operate audible and visual alarm systems for up to 48 hours without ac power .
  • Three types of alarm alerts : Buzzer ,Flashing Light , and remote alarm
  • Five alarm conditions : High / low temperature , power failure , sensor error , door ajar , low voltage in backup battery .

5.Ergonomic Design

  • Saftey lock to prevent unauthorized access
  • Storage space design for easy sorting of a variety of blood products
  • Caster Design and interior light
  • Optional baskets or stainless steel drawers 


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